We curated an international group show at Aberglasney in Spring 2016 concerned with representing sacred and visionary artists from all over the world. Bringing together over 50 street, fine, outsider and land artists from Korea, America and across Europe meant we needed a really strong and unifying iconography for the show that could weave the components into a coherent whole. I have long been a fan of Erica’s stunning work and her individual journey, and I knew that I wanted her lettering over the catalogue, postcards and promotional material. Erica was a joy to work with, responding to the fine details in the brief with a boldness and commitment that never faltered, and brought something glorious, magical and utterly appropriate to life. Her lettering is beautiful. I love it so much, I travelled across the UK to get it tattooed onto my forearm.”

Keone (Artist and Curator)