nothing left to do

 I used to think I was broken. I spent 20 years trying to fix myself only to discover that I didn’t need fixing at all.

 I was made up of a thousand conflicting stories and even more limiting beliefs that held me back from my best self.  I knew that I was responsible, knew that thought created form, that what I put out into the world came back to me. I even knew that the world I experienced was created from my perception.

 I had methods and strategies for making changes; I knew how to put things into context, I knew how to remove my blocks, to lift my limitations, to move closer everyday to my best self, my highest potential, to God. I just had to see my thoughts and change them.I just had to do the work. 

 Recently, I’ve been asking myself whether I need to keep changing the content of my thoughts or simply accept that I think. One tiny shift in perspective that would change everything.

I think. Endlessly, continually, even without thinking about it.

Thoughts come and go, they are transitory, ephemeral. Find a place of inner stillness and you can even watch them. This is the nature of thought. Through thoughts we translate our sensory perceptions, we understand our reality, we form opinions and beliefs. Thoughts inform how we feel and behave, how we experience life. Most importantly they come from the inside, from our  minds. They are ours. Our experiences are mind made. 

It is not the content of our thoughts that cause us trouble, that need to be fixed. It is where we believe our thoughts come from that trips us. Believing that responsibility for our experience lies elsewhere means there is nothing we can do. We are helpless. 

Once we can see that we own our thoughts, and we are singularly responsible for what we experience, we are lead to the realisation that here is nothing to do. Life simply is what it is, there is nothing to fix. And I am not broken after all.