I'm a self -taught, make it up as I go along kinda girl


Grew up rural Devon making things. Did a science degree. Got disillusioned. Got married.

Went travelling, in wagon, pulled by a horse (for 5 years). Made things, wrote. Joined an eco-community (8 years). Became a parent. Had part time jobs. Made more things.

Got divorced. Got remarried.

10 years later I'm still making, still writing, still showing up, still questioning the way we look at things.

Making things is the one thing I can’t not do. 

In the process of crafting, (a papercut, a print, a poem, even a pair of socks), I find kinder and gentler ways to see and be myself in this world, to find ways to cut the crap and get on with living the best life I can. In that creative space I can find simplicity in the complex and discard the noise.

I like to think that life is a conversation with the universe and all we can do is show up, ready to listen and ready to talk. The rest is just a case of joining the dots.

So here I am, putting it out there in the hope that you might feel encouraged to question your view too.

I write here, I sell paper cuts and prints in my shop, and if you would like to work with me, you can find out more about it here.


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